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December 2008 - Career Opportunities with the DeltaSystems Team

Are you interested in working with one of the leading biomedical technology development teams in North America? Are you a highly motivated individual that wants to make a difference? Do you think you have what it takes to bring  the next generation in biomedical computer aided design and fabrication to market. If so then we want to hear from you.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions: (click on the links for further information)

October 2008 - DeltaSystems v3.4 now available

DeltaSystems v3.4 is now available. Existing customers will have received instructions on obtaining and installing the new software. If you have not then please contact your DeltaSystems Servicce Representative. Version 3.4 represents a complete re-design of the DeltaSystems Network modules. These modules vastly improve the communication and data interchange between central fabrication and imaging installations and the satalite clinics that they service. The redesign makes using the DeltaSystems Network much easier and now affords communication with any clinic in your network - not just with central fabrication and imaging sites. Version 3.4 also contains numerous other improvements across the DeltaSystems product range. Existing customers are also asked to access their DeltaSystems Support account to identify specific improvements for their installation.

If you require more information about DeltaSystems and what it can do for you, or you are interested in becoming part of the DeltaSystems Network then please contact us here.

October 2007 - DeltaSystems v3.1 Update 1 now available

The first update to DeltaSystems 3.1 is now available. DeltaSystems 3.1 introduced several new analaysis and design tools to assist design and fabrication of orthotics and prosthetics. Version 3.1 also saw the introduction of numerous ease of use improvements based on the results of serval user trials conducted with select DeltaSystems clients. This update, v3.1.1, is a small update to the system that fixes some minor defects in the software. Version 3.1.1 is available for free download to all existing clients who are currently subscribed to DeltaSystems Support Program. Clients will be contacted via email with instructions for retrieving and installing the update within the next few days. If you are interested in becoming a DeltaSystems client or require more information about what DeltaSystems can do for you then please please contact us here.

June 2007 - DeltaSystems Workshop at ISPO

We will be hosting a workshop covering the design features and applications of DeltaSystems at ISPO. If you are interested in learning how it all works then feel free to attend. The workshop is on August 2nd and starts at 8:15am. The workshop will be conducted by one of our clients - Clynch Prosthetic & Orthotic - who utilize DeltaSystems in a design and central fabrication role. After the workshop visit our booth (Booth 306) for a hands on demonstration.

May 2007 - DeltaSystems at ISPO 12th World Congress

If you haven't seen the new release of DeltaSystems then we invite you to come and visit us at ISPO in Vancouver. We'll be there from 29th of July to the 3rd of August so stop by our booth (Booth 306) where we will be happy to give you a hands on demonstration of DeltaSystems and answer any questions you have. If you have specific questions or would like to arrange a one-on-one demonstration of DeltaSystems then contact us to arrange a demonstration time.

   Recent DeltaSystems News

  March 2007 - DeltaSystems 3.1 Released
DeltaSystems 3.1 is now available. The new version of DeltaSystems continues to build on the DeltaSystems application. Version 3.1 introduces several new analysis and design tools to assist design and fabrication. We've also further improved the ease of use of the system based on the result of several user trials conducted by select DeltaSystems clients. Version 3.1 will be made available to all existing clients over the next few months. If you are interested in Version 3.1 then please contact us to arrange for a demonstration.

  November 2006 - DeltaSystems Installed at Tripler Army Medical Center
We are very pleased to announce the successful installation of DeltaSystems at the Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Beyond a magnitude 6.7 earthquake the entire installation was uneventful and the staff at TAMC are now looking forward to providing improved services to the many patients they serve around the Pacific rim. We look forward to serving TAMC as a valued DeltaSystems client. Click here for video

  January 2006 - Clynch Prosthetic & Orthotic upgrade to DeltaSystem 3.0
Clynch Prosthetic & Orthotic (CPO), a long term client of DeltaSystems, are now using the latest version - 3.0. CPO provide comprehensive prosthetic and orthotic care in the province of Alberta and use DeltaSystems to support all their prosthetic and orthotic design and fabrication needs.

  January 2006 - DeltaSystems 3.0 Released
We are excited to announce the release of the newest version of DeltaSystems - version 3.0. Version 3 contains an entirely new DeltaSystems design application. The new application is a result of 12 months of research and development into solving issues associated with ease of use and adaptability to different design and fabrication styles. The result is the first "clinically-intelligent" design and fabrication system that utilizes built in clinical knowledge to assist technicians and clinicians using it. DeltaSystems 3.0 represents a method of delivering quality client care easily, efficiently and cost effectively.